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Our Vision


God willing, to implement an Islamic Cultural Center that caters to the religious, educational and social needs of Muslims (of all ages and backgrounds) in Sudbury and Northern Ontario, in accordance to the authentic Teachings of Quran and Prophetic Tradition (Sunnah).

To promote peace and tolerance within our communities for a harmonious living; cater to the enrichment of minds and healthy bodies; build bridges among different faith groups; cultivate unity and constructive participation among people of different ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds; advocate for human rights, animal rights, the environment, and respect and care of the earth for future generations.  

Core Values


  • A commitment to provide the Muslim community with a safe environment to worship, socialize and learn

  • A commitment to support and collaborate with other organizations to find solutions for challenges in the community

  • A commitment to provide interactive and contemporary educational services aimed at strengthening the understanding of Islam, and as a result, strengthening the faith of all members of the Muslim community

  • A commitment to engage the Muslim community, especially our youth, in the decision-making and planning processes for the future

  • A commitment to respect and consider all authentic schools of thought to enrich the understanding of Islam among the Muslim community

  • A commitment to represent the Muslim community and work to find solutions to the challenges confronting Northern Muslims

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