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April 22, 2018:

Imran Bagha, Associate Imam, helping provide Chaplaincy Services at Sudbury jail:

ICONO was approached by the Sudbury Jail Rehabilitation Officers on February 6th 2018 to help provide Islamic Chaplaincy Services at the Sudbury Jail, upon request from inmates. ICONO requested Imran Bagha, the associate Imam. Though constrained with busy schedules, he willingly agreed knowing the importance of Social Responsibility which ICONO proudly advocates for in engaging with the public to promote Peaceful Cooperation at all levels of a strong ethical society. Thus it has been, fruitful weekly meeting with inmates waiting eagerly to meet with the Imam. The theme has often been the positive position Islam takes as it advocates for Charity, the importance Islam places on honest work and education, Helping the Needy, Respect for the Elderly, Women’s rights, Respect for the Law of the Land, Kindness to animals, environmental responsibility, peaceful co-existence with members of all faith groups, and kindness to all those in need regardless of ethnicity, language, color, economic strata, or place of origin.


ICONO is proud to provide social services at all levels of Society. Please do not hesitate to approach us for any help, and if it is within our capacity, we shall try to go out of our way to help. It will matter not which faith group you belong to. Our common heritage of a SINGLE HUMANITY and PEACE FOR ALL shall be our guiding principles.



Nov 12, 2017:

Today was a big fun day for the sisters and their kids. The day was marked with a 'Sisters and Kids Only Potluck' arranged by the sisters who attend halaqa at ICONO. They cooked, ate, prayed, played and laughed together the whole day.


It is great to know that they did not skip halaqa discussion with the excuse of a party! While the Turkey was being cooked in the kitchen, they had a brief discussion on the translation and tafseer of Surah 'Al-Asr'.


A very interesting point to note here - the sisters were so enthusiast and immersed into the event that they even forgot to take photos! As website admin, this is surely not a good news for us. However, we are amazed by the power of such halal entertainment that made our sisters come out of the materialistic desires and engaged them in a true sisterhood spirit.


Thanks to the sisters for making this event a fantastic and memorable one. Special thanks for leaving the premise neat and clean.


All praise to the Almighty Allah SWT for giving barakah to the event.

Nov 05, 2017:

The sisters talked about a very interesting topic at the halaqa. They talked about the epic meeting of Prophet Musa (AS) with Khidr (AS) and the lessons that Allah SWT would like to teach to the human beings trough those events. The discussion mainly covered the issue of divine wisdom and how decisions are made in the hidden realm of “Takwin”. The characteristic of this divine knowledge is that it is neither sold in the stock market nor any top educational institute (usually where we strive for admission) offers course on this. It comes directly from Allah SWT into those hearts which has “Noor” inside.


They also talked about the topic of 'Forgetfulness' and how Shaitan makes us to forget things that are of pivotal importance to keep us on the track of Quran and Sunnah. The talking touched the subject of 'Dajjal' as well with a plan of further discussion in future on this issue of vital importance in today’s world that we live in.


May Allah SWT make us eligible to receive this divine knowledge so that we can clearly differentiate the truth from the false in this highly deceptive world that we’re currently living in. Ameen.


Thanks to the sisters who attended.

Oct 29, 2017:

The sisters discussed the translation and tafseer of Surah Takathur at the sisters’ halaqa today. They also watched a video titled 'How To IMRPOVE Your CHARACTER' by Nouman Ali Khan available at


After the discussion, the kids had fun in the Gym while the sisters were having coffee and snacks. Everybody enjoyed and passed a quality time, Alhamdulillah.


By the grace of Allah SWT this event is gaining barakah and new faces are joining almost every week. Thanks to the sisters who attended.


Abu Hurairah (RA) reported - The Prophet (PBUH) said, “May he be miserable, the worshipper of the dinar and dirham, and the worshipper of the striped silk cloak. If he is given anything, he is satisfied; but if not, he is unsatisfied.” (Al-Bukhari)

Oct 23, 2017:

Today we had a potluck party arranged by brothers who regularly pray at masjid in congregation. An example of Halal entertainment that strengthen brotherhood among the practicing Muslims.


May Allah SWT make this kind of gathering full of Barakah and help other brothers to join us at daily prayers in congregation at masjid. Ameen.

Oct 22, 2017:

Alhamdulillah, this week sisters have put their effort to turn coffee talks into another pleasant productive session.


The newly converted sister Leen brought up questions about practicing Islam in the non-Islamic environment in Canada. The topics emerged with praying at workplace, ruling of wudu and prayer while travelling, halal food, Islamic dress code, maintaining relationship with non-Muslim family members/friends and so forth.


The other sisters shared their views based on personal experiences and in relation to Quran and Sunnah.


May Allah SWT help us engaging in such value adding, knowledge sharing conversation and thus avoid vain talks. Ameen.


“Indeed successful are the Believers, who are humble in their prayers and those who refrain from vain talks.” (Surah Mumineen 1-3)

Oct 15, 2017:

This week sisters talked about the creation of Adam (AS) and turning of Iblis into Shaitan. They discussed about the significance of repentance and asking for forgiveness to Allah (SWT). Moreover, they walked through Wadu and Salah steps with the newly converted sister.


After the discussion, sisters along with their kids played, prayed and had some refreshment. Alhamdulillah, the sisters are enjoying greatly this kind of Halal entertainment and attendance is increasing.


Thanks to the sisters who attended.


“Satan said: By your honour, O Lord, I’ll continue to mislead the children of Adam as long as their souls are in their bodies. Allah (SWT) said: By my honour and majesty, I will continue to forgive them as long as they seek my forgiveness.” (Source: Musnad Ahmad 27627)

Oct 08, 2017:

At sisters' halaqa, the topic discussed was 'Thankfulness and Gratitude to Allah (SWT)'.


After the Halaqa sisters cleaned some parts of the premises. May Allah reward them for their services to the Masjid. Ameen.


Special thanks to sister Sajidha for sharing fruits and pistachios.

Oct 01, 2017:

At today’s sisters’ halaqa, translation and tafsir of Surah Ikhlas were discussed.


A Very Good News!! We have got a new sister in our community. Last night she pronounced the Shahadah at ICONO masjid, Alhamdulillah. Please keep this sister in your prayers. May Allah make her journey easy to the path of Islam. Ameen.


Other two converted sisters also joined today’s halaqa. All these three sisters shared stories of their journey to Islam. Such interesting and amazing tales!! The Noor with which Allah has enlightened their hearts, may Allah increase that over time and help them to stay firm on the righteous path of Islam. Ameen.


The new sister was welcome to the club with traditional sweets and coffee.

Sept 21, 2017:

Today is the first day of Muharram. It is one of the four sacred months in Islamic calendar. The new Hijri year 1439 has just kicked off. There are a number of "DO's" and DON'Ts" in this holy month. Please follow our website and FB page for more info on this topic.

Sept 17, 2017:

At today's sisters' halaqa, the below were discussed:

- Dua for entering the masjid,

- Importance of seeking knowledge from Allah (SWT).


Jazak Allah Khairan to the sisters who attended.

Sept 17, 2017:

Alhamdulillah, a hijabi and practicing Muslim girl of Algonquin Public School has been elected as the "Prime Minister" of its student council. The eighth grader attends SMS Arabic School.



If you have blessings of Allah (SWT), firm determination and you work hard for a right cause, hijab is not an obstacle in achieving your goal.


A wise saying:

"Instead of going after the Dunya, go after its creator. The Dunya will follow you."

Sept 10, 2017:

Alhamdulillah, sisters' halaqa has started from today and will be held on every Sunday at 10:30 AM at ICONO, in sha Allah. Sisters are encouraged to attend the halaqa.

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